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College majors and stereotypes

So there's sort of a stereotype that your college major says a lot about your personality. For example, Psychology majors are all crazy, Art majors are all non-conformist hipsters that listen to Indie and experimental music, and Philosophy majors aren't doing anything because they're too busy thinking. Well, I did a Google search for other college majors and stereotypes (mainly because I'm curious what stereotypes there are for Art History majors) and these were some of the more entertaining ones I found~

"History Majors have a hard time staying on topic.

Political Science Majors will argue with you about ANYTHING.

Philosophy Majors will also argue with you about anything, the difference is, you won't understand what the hell they're talking about.

You can tell the women who are in the natural sciences (Botany, Geology, Biology, etc...) because they are the ones who regardless of the fashion du jour, always dress for the field, and wear sensible shoes around campus.

Business majors are already convinced that while you will be starving in the street, they will be raking in the dough, and they're not afraid to let you know.

You can tell the Pre-Med students by their pale complexions."

"I went back to college several years later in Computer Science. It was a big building with the Engineering students too. Man, talk about boring people. Here's one tip. If you want to get a chance for some action with someone from the opposite sex and you're either a Comp Sci or Engineering major, do two things:
1) Ditch every other Comp Sci/Engineering friend you have. They scare the opposite sex away. Trust me. "I can program in Java, C/C++, Perl, Unix Shell Scripting, and even some Fortran" is not a good pickup line.
2) Lie. To the opposite sex, you are anything but a Comp Sci/Engineering major. Not only do Comp Sci/Engineering students not get dates, there's a very good reason they don't get dates. Smelling like a European for one usually does not attract the opposite sex.

Art majors are more often than not pretentious snobs. And I just love how "non-conformists" all look the same. You ever notice that? Not only that, of all majors, Art majors are the easiest to offend.

Economics or finance majors will go on to be your boss, usually useless idiots who do no real work but make twice your salary because they know how to tell you what to do. So whatever you do, Ben, wear a mask when you beat one of them up because that guy you just beat up might be your boss in ten years.

Nursing majors were the most likely to take their tops off at a party.

Education majors had wonderful hearts, but very rarely had anything upstairs.

I felt sorry for anthropology majors, so I won't go off on them here. They were usually such nice people, but I think that major was the #1 major for welfare recipients with college degrees.

Biology majors are only in college because their parents told them they had to go to college. They're also the most likely to complain about their major being too "haaard." I've taken biology classes. Believe me, that major is anything but hard.

Physical Education majors are the source of the "dumb blonde" stereotype. If you round up everyone with a Physical Education degree and shoot them, the average I.Q. of blondes around the world would instantly shoot up 50 points.

For some strange reason, Philosophy majors get all the babes. I've never understood this, but Dave explained it's because they know what they're talking about and they're confident. Sad thing is, they also excel in the corporate world as well. I should have majored in Philosophy, but I dropped my Philosophy class after spending several weeks discussing that stupid cave.

Math majors are all weird. They're usually goofy looking too."

"What do you think of women who majored in art history??? Friend and I were at lunch yesterday and we started talking and many of our friends who were art history majors in college are all are pretty "posh" and came from upper-middle/upper class families. They all went to college, got married and then became SAHMs without ever getting a real job. Then this afternoon, another friend (w/ 15 year old daughter), told me she wants her daughter to go major in art history, and spend a year abroad because it sounds so fancy. THEN I just read that Gwyneth Paltorw was an art history major? What did I miss???? Are art history majors known as rich fools or something??? What are the art history major streotypes??"

And some of the answers the person got~

"I know people that have done it. They're all still doesn't really take you far in life in terms of jobs. There are only so many available. My art history teacher in college was from a wealthy family."

"A few of my friends were art history majors--males and females. None of them have kids yet, and all went to grad school and will soon be professors. I wouldn't characterize any of them as fools! Posh, yes, and comfortable family backgrounds, yes. I think the latter is true of virtually any of the majors in which you are unlikely to make money, though. Poor kids often don't have the luxury of the liberal arts, which i think is a shame.

"Stereotypes and reality are often very different. I was an Art History major and am a prosecutor. Others in the department who graduated with me are now architects, professors, different kinds of attorney and doctors. Sure, there were a few gallery assistant types, but for the most part, we were just people who loved art and appreciated learning how to look at the big picture and the small details."

"Studio art major here- now art teacher. I took plenty of art history courses in school. Studio majors were more earthy, artsy-fartsy, and love art. Art history majors are intelligent, cultured, but most don't follow through with any profession in the arts."

"Traditionally, an art history degree was a Mrs. degree. It was one of the few majors available when women's colleges were started. The type of women who first attended college were UMC & wealthy girls. I went to an Ivy and many of the art history majors are now SAHMs, but they came from those "type" of families. The other art history majors were in it because they were truly interested in the cultures of the region of focus. Many went on to law or grad school."

So Art History majors come from money and are rich? Clearly, I missed the boarding announcement for that boat :P. Though it is true a majority of the genders in my Art History classes are women, yet somehow it's the men that are well known in the field. Though another stereotype about Art History is that we just look at pretty pictures all day (that's not true! We sometimes look at UGLY pictures too! :P)

Well, I like studying Art History. I got into it because I like art and learning about artists. I also like it because I like what it says about people and humanity. Art does say a lot about what a culture values and the organization structure of a civilization.

Anyway, any other funny college major stereotypes can you guys come up with?

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